As an awaken soul I sometimes have to go through things that challenged me as an energy soul. But through it all, I managed to keep who I am without compromising my integrity and dignity. This website serves as a platform for all things that make us ladies divine: our ability to love, to create, and to walk through the world with light.

I am a non-traditional woman and I have developed a love for anime and manga. I wouldn’t say that I’m obsessed with Japanese culture but I am a little obsessed. I ordered some Japanese snacks one time and it was the highlight of my because for one moment I felt like I was there. Naruto is my favorite with Trigun being a strong second.

I am also interested in beauty and health and always making homemade beauty  products, my favorite so far will have to be my skin brightening toner that I am currently using.

And just like every girl I sometimes come in contact with men so yes I have plenty of awkward s(ex) stories.